Frequently Asked Questions

Vital Link is a non-profit organization that connects education and businesses to support students in identifying their future careers.

  1. We provide virtual and on-ground Career Exploration opportunities to students from the middle school to the university level, which include Project-Based Learning, Exhibit Days, Business Site Tours, College Pathway Days, Career Exploration Days, and Academies.
  2. Bring students, educators, and industry together through Career Readiness Programs.
  3. We provide professional development for teachers, administrators, counselors, and CTE directors. The opportunities include Advisory Board meetings and Professional Learning Communities in nine different industries.

You can learn more about all of our programs by reaching out to your school district administrators and counselors, contact us directly at info@vitallink.org, and you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter.

CTEoc is a collaborative that includes Career Technical Education directors from the Orange County school districts, ROPs, and community colleges, whose mission is to support K – 14 Districts and CTE programs in all Orange County schools, inspire educators to connect and share resources, and bridge educational institutions to industry. You can learn more about CTEoc here.

Contact your CTE director at your district to see how you can get your event funded. Not sure who this is? Contact your district office or email neda@vitallink.org, and she will provide you with your district’s CTE contact information.

You can visit our CTEoc webpage here to learn more about Vital Link programs for educators. In addition, you can also email Neda@vitallink.org with more questions regarding these events.

If you student would like to continue to attend Vital Link programs and activities, please contact neda@vitallink.org for more information.