Become a Monthly Donor of Vital Link.  You can also become an Opportunity Creator by making a monthly donation. As an Opportunity Creator, you can decide what’s right for your budget. Every gift makes a difference! 

5 reasons to become an Opportunity Creator

  1. It’s rewarding: You’ll feel good every month knowing you’re helping our thousands of participants to learn more about paths to fulfilling careers and future!
  2. It’s cost-effective: More of your money goes to Vital Link programs because there is less paperwork, lower administrative costs, and fewer fundraising expenses.
  3. It’s easy & convenient: No checks to write, all donations show on your credit card, and you’ll receive one tax receipt at the end of the year.
  4. It’s safe: A secure, automatic withdrawal happens once a month from your credit card.
  5. It’s your choice: You can change or stop your monthly donation at any time by calling or emailing us.

Get started by choosing the amount and checking off “I want to contribute this every month”. 


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