Future-Proof Yourself and Your Students in an AI & XR World

Discuss the updates and changes with AR/VR & AI and how it has impacted Academic Cost Efficiencies, Industry Training and Preparation, and Industry Benefits.

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Orange Coast College, Fine Arts Building, Room 119

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Purpose: To provide K12 instructors and community college faculty insight on the skills development and usage rate of AI/XR technology in the workforce and academia. The information and practices shared are intended to further support the implementation and usage of AI/XR technology in curriculum and classroom activities with the hopes of betterpreparing students for the future of work.


  • Recruit educators, researchers, and industry personnel to showcase
    the usage of AI/XT technology in academia and/or industry and provide
    a 5year outlook of the potential increased usage and benefits.
  • Recruit educators to share best practices of how AI/XR technology is
    being leveraged to increase student engagement and comprehension.
  • Inform CTE instructors and faculty of AI/XR equipment usage rates
    within industry and how to use the technology in the classroom.
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