What Our Students Are Saying.

"Today I learned how important the green sector is and how it relates to academics and how it can change our world we live in. Before this event, I could care less about being "green." With the information I learned, I can try to apply it to my personal habits and consider this career industry."

Brendan|Villa Park High School

"I learned how planes work and operate aero-dynamically – also awesome career opportunities for people like me. It gave me the tools to able to find out how to participate in the Vital Link Summer Program and get my license. I am excited."

Hannah|Back Bay High School

"I learned that choosing a career in which you enjoy is much more suitable for me than selecting a career that makes a lot of money, but I have no interest in it. After today I would probably be more thoughtful in selecting a career in which I have interest in."

Lee|Westminster High School

"I learned about the variety of career options available in the medical field. I can analyze through the pros and cons of each option that I have considered as a career from a different perspective now."

Megan|Tustin High School