Our mission is to inspire students to explore and experience career pathways that secure their future.


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Be A Mentor

Each student is matched with a corporate mentor based on shared interests, personality, and need. Mentors and mentees meet once a month at corporate sites or virtually in sessions.

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Be A Sponsor

Bring our programs to more students by being a sponsor. Sponsors will be able to market their resources to students, parents, and educators.

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Be A Speaker

Be a speaker during our programs. Our dedication to students’ success begins with a well-rounded experience during our programs. Being a speaker will allow students to understand the daily life of industry professionals in order to choose the right career path.

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Volunteer in our programs to help deliver the best opportunities for students getting ready to start their careers. Our volunteers are a vital part of our programs. They allow all students to get the best experience possible.

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Our Programs

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The Academies Vital Link offers are week-long sessions currently offered during the summer and winter breaks. Students have the opportunity to learn and participate in hands-on activities throughout the week, engage with mentors in their respective fields, and present their completed projects in a professional manner.
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Career Exhibits and Events

Career Exploration Exhibits feature interactive, hands-on displays and activities in the high-demand fields of medical, energy, automotive, digital media arts, engineering, robotics, and information and communication technology. The exhibits are developed together with Vital Link business and education partners to feature industry-related demonstrations that allow students to engage and connect with potential careers.
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In conjunction with our educational partners and businesses, Vital Link offers a myriad of different competitions throughout the year that allow students to get out of the classroom and explore their skills in a competitive setting. Whether it is Digital Media Arts, Robotics, or Manufacturing and Engineering students will have the opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in an exciting way!
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Educator Programs

Vital Link works with industry and educators to ensure that every classroom keeps up with the demands of the industries. We provide a series of Advisory Meetings for different sectors, webinars about demands and Professional Learning communities.
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Pathways Days

Vital Link offers Pathway Days for students to learn about industries and skills that will allow them to have future career success. These programs include opportunities for students to have hands-on career applications, opportunities to network and connect with industry leaders, and develop career readiness skills.
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Site Tours

Site tours offer students a firsthand look into the day-to-day operations and careers opportunities in the business world. Industry professionals give students a guided tour of their facilities while providing insight into possible career paths and work-related activities. The goal of the tours is to expand the awareness of different types of careers to middle school, high school, and college students.
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Skills Workshops

Skill development workshops are designed with the goal to assure all students are prepared for their future careers. Workshops focus on employability skills development in partnership with professionals. In partnership with professionals from various sectors, all workshop participants can gain skills that are in high demand!
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Vital Link's vision is to ensure that every student is exposed to potential career opportunities with innovative interactive programs, enabling them to explore their interests, expand their tools and develop a network to create pathways to ‘Explore, Discover and Connect’ to their future careers.


Success Stories

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Today I learned how important the green sector is and how it relates to academics and how it can change our world we live in. Before this event, I could care less about being "green." With the information I learned, I can try to apply it to my personal habits and consider this career industry.

Brendan|Villa Park High School

I learned how planes work and operate aero-dynamically – also awesome career opportunities for people like me. It gave me the tools to able to find out how to participate in the Vital Link Summer Program and get my license. I am excited.

Hannah|Back Bay High School

I learned that choosing a career in which you enjoy is much more suitable for me than selecting a career that makes a lot of money, but I have no interest in it. After today I would probably be more thoughtful in selecting a career in which I have interest in.

Lee|Westminster High School

I learned about the variety of career options available in the medical field. I can analyze through the pros and cons of each option that I have considered as a career from a different perspective now.

Megan|Tustin High School


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